The Wrongful Death of A Loved One is Devastating Enough.

“I was really in a complete fog and I was just looking for someone to give me some direction. Once I found Davis Kelin, I felt confident I could just let them handle it. They took this whole case to heart…and I love that.”

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Wrongful Death Attorneys

If you’re seeking a wrongful death attorney, it is important to work with one whom you feel comfortable with and who can be sensitive to the details of your case. The Davis Kelin Law Firm handles a wide range of wrongful death cases and we are sensitive to the fact that this is most likely one of the toughest times you’ve ever been faced with.

Victims of Violent Crimes

Crime victims – even deceased victims – may have suffered from aggravated assault or battery, murder, voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, abandonment or abuse of a child, stalking or kidnapping – the list goes on.

A “victim” of a crime may not necessarily be limited to the victim; but also the victim’s family and dependents, including any individual who assumes funeral or medical expenses. The effects are numerous and can be very detrimental. Regardless of the outcome of the criminal prosecution, crime victims and their families can file a civil lawsuit against the offender.

Wrongful Death in Nursing Homes

Unfortunately, nursing home residents die each year as a result of nursing home neglect and abuse. These New Mexico wrongful death cases may include deaths associated with bedsores, elopement and wandering, falls, malnutrition and dehydration, and the use of excessive chemical and physical restraints. In many cases, improperly trained staff or poor operational oversight leads to life-threatening infections, falls, injuries, and illnesses that could have been prevented if the proper standards of care had been followed.

Do You Have a Wrongful Death Claim?

New Mexico wrongful death cases may include catastrophic injuries, criminal attacks, death due to nursing home negligence, medical mistakes, car or plane accidents, slip and fall, work-related exposure to dangerous conditions or substances, personal injury, medical malpractice, poisoning, drowning, and fire and burn-related incident.

In cases of common law jurisdictions, wrongful death is a claim against a person who can be liable for the death. Brought in a civil action, these types of cases are typically filed by spouses, children, and parents of family members who have died as the result of negligence or carelessness of another. When the case goes to court, damages will be determined based on a pecuniary injury as well as non-economic damages.

Learn about Death In Custody

Death in the custody of local jails, state prisons, or the Federal Bureau of Prisons are well documented. MCI (Morality in Correctional Institutions records data on these deaths).

You have the right as a family member to find out what caused your relative to pass away in prison. You can request an autopsy to find out the true cause. You may be able to sue if the prison where your relative died was responsible. If you loved one was not receiving adequate treatment you could have legal recourse against the state itself where the prison is located.


inmate dies in jail everyday


average of inmates die each day


inmates died in local jails in 2012


inmates die each year


inmates died in state prisons in 2012


of deaths were caused by heart disease


Heart disease was the second leading cause of deaths in local jails between 2000 to 2014


The suicide rate in 2014 was the highest since 2000. 50 inmates committed suicide per 100,000 local jail inmates.


inmates who died of homicide were being held for violent offenses in 2014

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