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New Mexico Birth Injury Attorney

In the majority of cases, birth injuries are preventable. Nearly 30,000 babies suffer from birth injuries every year in the United States. There are a small fraction of birth injuries where the baby suffers serious injuries or even death.

Male babies are much more likely to suffer a birth injury compared to females, and births conducted in hospitals with a higher number of beds have reported a higher rate of birth injuries. For additional help and information, contact us today for a free consultation with our New Mexico birth injury lawyers.

New Mexico Birth Injury Cases Involve Medical Malpractice or Negligence

Types of birth injuries include: HIE, kernicterus, shoulder dystocia, cerebral palsy, fetal distress, preeclampsia, OB/Gyn errors, negligent delivery, obstetrical errors.

In birth injury cases that took place in a hospital, doctors or medical providers are liable for the damages they caused. Providing proof for the damages works just like any medical malpractice case. The doctor or medical providers care must have fallen below the standard of care in the medical profession.

This is why it’s difficult to prove any type of malpractice. For malpractice cases, but especially birth injury cases, medical experts must clearly establish that a doctor’s medical care fell below the typical standard of care in the profession. Without that proof, there is hardly any chance of making a strong malpractice case. Medical providers will typically argue that the birth injury was unavoidable and that there was no other course of action that could have been taken to prevent the injuries from happening. Thankfully, a birth injury attorney in New Mexico can guide you through the process of proving this subpar standard of care.

Why Choose Davis Kelin to Represent Your New Mexico Birth Injury Case

The lawyers at Davis Kelin Law Firm are glad to provide more information. Here’s why our New Mexico Law Firm is the best choice for your birth injury case:

  • Our team of experienced New Mexico lawyers are specialized in birth injury cases and our decades of experience means we’ll handle your claim with personalized care.
  • We will take time gathering relevant evidence, including medical records and practitioner statements, to determine if medical negligence occurred.
  • Our aim is to seek justice and fair compensation for families affected by incidents of medical negligence, as we witness firsthand the hardships that such situations can bring upon loved ones.

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