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New Mexico Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) happen to thousands of residents in New Mexico every year. Brain injuries can come in the form of concussions or contusions. All brain injuries, however are unique depending on the person. The brain reacts in several different ways depending on the amount of force from the impact and the type of force that was involved in the impact. All areas of the brain, multiple areas of the brain, or just one area can be impacted due to a traumatic injury. If you are currently experiencing a TBI, contact us to schedule a free consultation

Traumatic brain injuries are caused by blows to the head or other traumatic injury to the head. TBI’s can and sometimes do cause brain damage. The force of impact is what will determine the amount of damage and the nature of the injury. Falls, vehicle-related crashes, gunshot wounds domestic violence, assault, explosive blasts and combat injuries suffered by active-duty military personnel, sports injuries (soccer, football, boxing, etc.) whether in youth or as an adult can cause serious permanent changes to the brain.

There are two types of brain injuries: primary and secondary.  A primary TBI means the damage is immediate, while a secondary TBI means damage occurs gradually over the course of hours, days, or weeks. Secondary brain injuries are typically caused by the brain reacting to the initial head trauma. If you’ve suffered secondary damage over a specific timespan, you should still consult with a New Mexico traumatic brain injury lawyer. It isn’t too late to reference the initial trauma in your case.

How to File a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit in New Mexico

When considering filing a lawsuit due to a brain injury it will help if you have evidence to support your TBI case. This includes evidence of and receipts for medical bills relating to treatment for your brain injury, witnesses when the TBI occurred and accident reports are also helpful documentation to have on hand. The likelihood of winning a traumatic brain injury case increases by having evidence to support your case. The more severe the brain injury is, the higher likelihood of a bigger case settlement in most cases.

Why Choose Davis Kelin to Represent Your New Mexico TBI Case

The Davis Kelin Law Firm specifically handles traumatic brain injury cases that took place in New Mexico. If you were injured and suffered a traumatic brain injury, this is a hard time in your life you will want to move past. We will walk you through the steps of handling your brain injury case and help you get the maximum compensation if the injury was no fault of your own.

For more information specific to your case, contact us today and schedule a free consultation with our traumatic brain injury lawyers. Our firm has 50 years of experience handling personal injury cases like these throughout the entire state of New Mexico, and we are Albuquerque’s Premier Personal Injury Law Firm. Our traumatic brain injury attorneys work hard every day to facilitate positive change and represent the disadvantaged. We have the little guy in mind when litigating cases.

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