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Personal injury lawyers with an aggressive, complex trial approach.

Equipped with an experienced injury law team, Davis Kelin has the resources and the experience to guide you through this difficult process and ensure that your case is successfully resolved.


Ben Davis and Zackeree S. Kelin, both personal injury lawyers, partnered up with the intent of representing each client on an individual basis. We are sensitive to the fact that almost nothing compares to what you may be going through, whether you’re a victim, a family member or close friend. Dealing with a personal injury, malpractice or even a wrongful death case is arguably one of life’s most unpleasant experiences.

Furthermore, litigation costs can reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars over a just a couple of years. Many firms require upfront payment towards costs, but in most cases, Davis Kelin will cover all of the costs required to achieve a successful resolution.


As an injury law firm, we have a unique process for trial preparation, throughout which, our hope is that you’ll feel empowered to take a stand, and no longer feel like the victim.

Beyond compensation, we are dedicated to litigating injury cases to punish the wrongdoer, or tortfeasor, who would rather ignore these rules to benefit themselves.

A large verdict also makes a clear statement, voiced by juries who wish help ensure that our society runs smoothly and fairly by deterring others from committing such acts.

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Cases We Handle

Wrongful Death

At The Davis Kelin Law Firm, we are sensitive to the fact that a wrongful death situation is most likely one of the toughest times you’ll ever be faced with.

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Pointing out negligent acts by professionals whom we entrusted, such as legal mistakes, accounting errors, medical mistakes, etc., is to the benefit of our society.

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Mesothelioma affects about 43,000 people worldwide, and about 3,000 Americans every year. The disease can be linked to asbestos exposure in more than 80% of cases.

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Car Accidents

Car accident related injuries in New Mexico are among the highest in our nation. It is important to speak to an attorney with auto-accident experience after any incident.

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Truck Accidents

New Mexico truck accident injury information about accident causes, trucking laws pertaining to drivers and trucking companies, retention and hiring laws and more.

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When you buy an insurance policy, you depend on the insurance company to be on your side if you file a legitimate claim. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

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Premises Liability

The Davis Kelin Law Firm provides experienced representation for premises liability in Albuquerque and all of New Mexico for both commercial and private property.

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Product Liability

Claims against manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers of various products where negligence, breach of warranty and other consumer protection violations.

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Nursing Home Abuse

As the elderly population of America continues to grow, an increasing number of senior citizens fall victim to numerous forms of elderly and nursing home abuse.

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Learn how we “take the fight to them” and discover our unique process for trial preparation, our injury law firm’s case procedure and what to expect.

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After dealing with several horrible experiences with lawyers I had a legal malpractice case. I was very scared to deal with and trust yet another lawyer. Ben Davis turned out to be wonderful. He went above and beyond for me. He was a pleasure to work with and someone I felt I could finally trust. I can not recommend him enough!

Mikki H.Legal Malpractice Client

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