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Ben was a huge help for me with a malpractice legal matter. His calm demeanor helped deal with a very distressing situation. He went above and beyond to help me, a single mom dealing with 2 legal matters at a time. His professionalism and dedication, even though he didn't end up taking the case has been heaven sent. I would recommend him and Zack to anyone!

Jennifer Rose

I was at a hotel in Gallup, NM and was injured when I slipped-and-fell on black ice in the hotel parking lot. I later found out the custodian forgot to salt the area where I fell. I contacted the hotel and got nowhere with the its liability carrier. I'm a trial attorney in L.A. and called Ben Davis to whom I have referred a number of clients over the years. Ben and his staff did a great job for me. They are first-rate-rate professionals who are totally committed to achieving the best results possible for their clients. Highly recommended.

Stephen Heller

This is a man who will do for you, exactly what he says he will do. Very respectful and very honest never led me on, did exactly what he told me he would do. Highly recommend Mr. Ben Davis

Heidi Peek

Very caring and fought for me when I couldn't fight for myself.

Joy Thompson

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