Client Testimonials

Ben was a huge help for me with a malpractice legal matter. His calm demeanor helped deal with a very distressing situation. He went above and beyond to help me, a single mom dealing with 2 legal matters at a time. His professionalism and dedication, even though he didn't end up taking the case has been heaven sent. I would recommend him and Zack to anyone!
Jennifer Rose
Zack is one of the best lawyers out here in Albuquerque I really recommend him if anybody needs help or anything he still keeps in touch with me and make sure that me and my daughter are doing good he made our lives a little bit better than they used to be I really recommend him and his crew they’re really awesome and they work really hard.
Alfredo Ramirez
I knew from our first conversation that I was in good hands with Zackeree and the Davis Kelin Law Firm. His main concern was my heath and well being. I never felt rushed to make a decision and was encouraged to focus only on my recovery. The staff at Davis Kelin kept me informed throughout the entire process and treated me in a kind and professional manner. They handled my case promptly and responding quickly. They fought hard for me and wouldn't settle for anything less than what I deserved. I never could have dealt wit this on my own. I was only able to overcome the physical, emotional and financial damage caused by this accident with Zackeree and the Davis Kelin Law Firm rallying behind me. Many thanks to you and your entire staff.
Freddie Sue Gatewood
I want to share how grateful I am for the Davis Kelin law firm. We looked all over and nobody would take our case, not because of the merit of the case but because it was a tort case and most other firms didn’t care. We found Zackeree through a friend who lauded the firm for their strong ethics and relentless pursuit of what is right. Our daughter suffered a permanent and disfiguring injury as a result of malpractice. Zack and the team truly went all in to ensure all aspects of the problem were clearly, appropriately, and honestly represented. Not only was this a complicated case, but the proceedings took place over the course of the COVID epidemic as well as a military directed move of our family to Europe. Through dedicated legal representation, Zack and team were able to clearly demonstrate the facts and secure a win for our daughter. This hard work and heartfelt dedication will absolutely help to try to give back maybe a small portion of the future that was taken away from her.
Rebekah Spreter
I was at a hotel in Gallup, NM and was injured when I slipped-and-fell on black ice in the hotel parking lot. I later found out the custodian forgot to salt the area where I fell. I contacted the hotel and got nowhere with the its liability carrier. I'm a trial attorney in L.A. and called Ben Davis to whom I have referred a number of clients over the years. Ben and his staff did a great job for me. They are first-rate-rate professionals who are totally committed to achieving the best results possible for their clients. Highly recommended.
Stephen Heller
This is a man who will do for you, exactly what he says he will do. Very respectful and very honest never led me on, did exactly what he told me he would do. Highly recommend Mr. Ben Davis
Heidi Peek
Very caring and fought for me when I couldn't fight for myself.
Joy Thompson
Ben helped me determine if I had a viable suit against another attorney. He helped me so much when the other attorney filed frivolous suits, helped me with another legal matter, and encouraged me to keep going, even though he made no money off of it. I would recommend this firm to anyone. Ben went above and beyond on many occasions. His professional motions and caring heart make him the best in my eyes!
Jen Rose
Ben Davis was empathetic throughout the worse event of my life and settled my case like a true professional.
Curtis Harper
They represented me well and were fair. I would recommend them to anyone.
Chris Chapman
I highly recommend this firm, particularly Gina Davis. She and her assistants made the process painless, clear, quick, and successful. Thank you, Gina and everyone else at Davis Kelin!
Claire McMahan
They are very caring people and they work hard in getting what is right. I highly recommend them especially one lady that has a heart of gold Gina Downes.
Sylvia Carlos