Johnson And Johnson Asbestos Baby Powder Lawsuits

Johnson and Johnson deliberately hid from the public the fact that their baby powder contained carcinogenic asbestos. The baby powder sold by Johnson and Johnson did not always contain asbestos, but the risk was there. Johnson and Johnson kept this information from regulators and it’s going to end up costing them in hundreds of lawsuits. You could be the next plaintiff in a lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson.

Here’s what we know…


Plaintiffs claim Johnson and Johnson's talc caused their cancers


of women with ovarian cancer have been affected and are suing the company


Americans are usually affected by Mesothelioma per year
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  • Internally the company was in disarray once talc was found to be in the company’s products
  • Company executives, mine managers, scientists doctors and lawyers all knew of the asbestos in the popular baby powder product sold by the company
  • Johnson and Johnson was able to influence regulators plans to limit asbestos in cosmetic talc products

More information about Johnson and Johnson is still coming out! Their ability to hide information and shield it from public view by court orders is on-going. Johnson and Johnson has finally been exposed for it wrongdoings happening over decades!

Mesothelioma usually only affects about 3,000 Americans per year. However, Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder product was used on millions and millions of babies and women. The disease attacks the lining of the lungs, abdomen or heart and once found can be a deadly form of cancer. Don’t hesitate to act if you suspect you may have asbestos.