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Bed Sores in Nursing Homes

Bed sores, technically known as pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers, are lesions that can be caused by many negligent actions such as unrelieved pressure, friction, humidity, shearing forces, temperature and improper medication.

Although Often Prevented and Treatable if Found Early, Bed Sores can be very Difficult to Prevent in Frail Elderly Patients

Bed sores are often fatal – even under the auspices of nursing home care – and are one of the leading iatrogenic causes of death reported in developed countries, second only to adverse drug reactions. The primary cure and treatment is to remove the pressure by turning the patient regularly.

Signs of Bed Sores Due to Negligence

Bed sores are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue due to prolonged pressure to that particular area. The elderly are at very high risk of bed sores if they are in fact in an abusive situation.  Although sometimes these sores are not avoidable, it most certainly can be a sign of neglect.  If a person is confined to a bed, and unable to move themselves to readjust the pressure, they can form quickly and are very difficult to treat.  Most common areas for bedsores are the boney areas of the body; such as knees, heel, ankles, hips, and or buttocks.Most common areas for bedsores are the boney areas of the body; such as knees, heel, ankles, hips, and or buttocks.Bedsores are a red flag due to the fact that the elderly are unable to reposition themselves in bed and rely on the assistance of a caregiver to move them on a regular basis.  If you see any signs of a bed sore it is important that you inquire, and stay persistent in the treatment of the bed sore.  Once they are deep they are extremely hard to treat.  You may find it is a sure sign of neglect and it is time to call a bed sore attorney to help protect the rights of the elderly.

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