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Who Can Be Liable for a Heatstroke?

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In the unfortunate event of a heatstroke, understanding who can be held liable is essential for pursuing a successful legal claim. 

Employers and Third Parties

One of the primary scenarios where liability for heatstroke may arise is in the workplace. Employers have a duty to provide a safe working environment for their employees. This includes taking measures to prevent heat-related illnesses by providing adequate ventilation, hydration options, and scheduling breaks during hot weather. When a worker suffers a heatstroke while on the job, they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits regardless of who was at fault. Employers typically cannot be sued by employees unless they do not carry workers’ comp insurance. However, if a third party also contributed to or caused your heatstroke, you may be able to pursue a lawsuit or further compensation beyond workers’ comp benefits. Our workplace injury attorneys in Albuquerque are equipped to handle these cases. 

Organizers of Events and Sports Activities

Organized events and sports activities are another common setting where heat-related incidents can occur. Event organizers and coaches have a responsibility to ensure the safety of participants. This involves taking precautions such as scheduling activities during cooler times of the day, providing shaded areas, and ensuring participants are properly hydrated. If they fail to do so, they may be liable for a heatstroke. 

Product Liability

In some cases, a heatstroke can be attributed to a faulty product. This could range from malfunctioning cooling systems to inadequate protective gear. Manufacturers and distributors of these products may be liable for the harm caused if heatstroke was a result of a defect, as they have a duty to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their products. A product liability attorney can help determine if you can hold a manufacturer accountable. 

School or Daycare

Schools or daycares can potentially be held liable for a child’s heatstroke under certain circumstances. For example: 

  • Negligent Supervision: If the school or daycare fails to provide adequate supervision and monitoring of children during hot weather
  • Inadequate Facilities or Amenities: If the school or daycare does not have proper facilities to offer relief from extreme heat, such as air-conditioned rooms, fans, or access to water. 
  • Inadequate Response to a Child in Distress: If a child shows signs of heat-related distress and the school or daycare fails to take prompt and appropriate action, they may be held liable for any resulting harm.


A landlord can possibly be liable for a heatstroke if they failed to maintain utilities they were responsible for, especially in situations where their negligence directly contributed to the occurrence of the heatstroke. Particularly if they knew or should have known about the property’s conditions and still failed to fix it. 

An Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

An Albuquerque Personal Injury Lawyer can meticulously evaluate the circumstances surrounding your heatstroke, gather crucial evidence, and determine if parties can be held liable. If so, they can serve as your advocate, negotiating with opposing parties and insurance companies to secure fair compensation for damages such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. They provide essential guidance and counsel throughout the entire legal process. 

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