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State Of New Mexico Paid Out $5.5 Million Settlement In CYDF Case Attorney Ben Davis Exclusively Handled

Davis Kelin Law Firm

Albuquerque personal injury attorney Ben Davis of The Davis Kelin Law Firm was at the forefront of a $5.5 Million Settlement over the death of a 7 year old. CYFD was responsible for allowing 7 year old Samantha to live with her father Juan Lerma who had a history of child abuse. Samantha would never speak again after she was beaten and abused by her father Juan Lerma.

Attorney Ben Davis wanted to send a message to CYFD that children in the State need to be protected and not left with abusive parents. CYFD is under fire for over 2,000 investigations of abuse and neglect where the safety of children are at risk and no decision has been made.

CYFD is overwhelmed by the number of cases they are responsible for and must make decisions on future cases involving child safety. CYFD currently has a shocking 26.6% vacancy rate. Despite that, they are being called out on the urgency of needing to get to the houses of children who are at risk of abuse and determine what must be done going forward.

Ben Davis’ handling of this case against the State helped Samantha Rubino’s family have some kind of positive outcome that will set a precedent for keeping children safe in the future. It puts the pressure on CYFD to help children in the State before it’s too late.

Although tragic, Samantha’s death was also avoidable, Attorney Ben Davis said.

Mr. Davis was adamant that CYFD failed to follow their own rules. Samantha Rubino was given over to her father who lived in Carlsbad, New Mexico at the time before taking over as the sole guardian after Samantha’s mother died. There were at least 2 previous investigations by CYFD into the children’s safety as of April 2020.

Contact Ben Davis at (505) 207-4401 today to handle you or your families’ child abuse and neglect case. Mr. Davis specializes in punishing the wrongdoer in New Mexico and has handled hundreds of cases in the State.

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