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Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries can often change your life for the worst. At the Davis Kelin Law Firm we understand how necessary it is for you to seek legal representation to go up against the party that was responsible for your injuries.…

Excessive Force Lawyer

Excessive Force Lawyer On June 5th 2020, a New Jersey News outlet published a story detailing the Albuquerque Police Department’s decision to promote the head leader of APD’s real-time crime center. Controversy arose because the APD employee was involved in …

Coronavirus Hospital Lawsuits In New Mexico

Coronavirus Hospital Lawsuits In New Mexico Hospitals in Gallup, New Mexico are in complete disarray during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Hospital workers are unprepared to handle the outbreak inside the hospital. Caregivers are working in unsafe conditions due to the lack …

One Of The Biggest Spinal Cord Injury Settlements Ever In New Mexico Happened In Alamogordo

One of the biggest spinal cord injury group malpractice settlement happened right here in New Mexico in 2012. Patients were paralyzed after surgery went wrong. Over 80 patients in total were paralyzed at an Alamogordo hospital. Due to the nature …

Average Settlement For Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries are rare in New Mexico. But when they do happen, the recovery is in the millions. Davis Kelin exclusively handles multi-million dollar cases and spinal cord injuries fall under that umbrella most of the time. We dedicate …
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