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Auto Accident Claim and Litigation Process: What to Expect

WEEK 1: INITIAL TREATMENT/CONTACT INSURANCE COMPANY/ PROPERTY DAMAGE CLAIMS: As discussed above, it is important to seek immediate treatment for any injuries you have sustained through the emergency room or urgent care. For those injuries that are less severe, you …

Keeping Current with New Mexico Car Insurance Laws

Unfortunately, not every driver on the road acts in accordance with New Mexico car insurance laws. Many drivers fail to ensure their own responsibility for their actions through purchasing insurance. The legislature of New Mexico is aware of this problem …

Top 7 Ways to Avoid a Car Accident

We all know we should use caution while driving vehicles, yet personal injury litigation continues to be fueled by accidents that simply shouldn’t have happened. With the hope that we, as car accident attorneys, have not hereby shot ourselves …

Property Damage Claims After an Auto Accident

After you have opened a property damage claim with both insurance companies, the insurance companies will attempt to assess fault. In a simple wreck such as a rear-end crash, the fault is easy to decide and the property claim …

DWI Laws In The State Of New Mexico

DWI Laws In The State Of New Mexico In New Mexico, a drunken driving offense is referred to as “Driving While Intoxicated” (DWI). Any person driving a vehicle within the state of New Mexico while under the influence of intoxicating …
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