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Spotting Violations of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) is designed to prevent hospitals for turning a blind eye to our most destitute patients—those who have no health insurance or otherwise cannot pay for the hospital services. Just because someone …

How To Prove Medical Negligence

How To Prove Medical Negligence, The Key Elements To A Successful Medical Negligence Case Proving medical negligence is something that takes careful consideration. Medical negligence happens as a result of an error in treatment, diagnosis aftercare or all three. …

Who Is Responsible When Surgery Goes Wrong

When surgery goes wrong you may not know who should be held accountable. It’s common for surgeries to not goes as planned since the medical field in itself is an imprecise art. And when an honest mistake happens or medical …

Systemic Problems In Healthcare Industry Leads To Medical Malpractice

The healthcare industry has clear systemic problems that lead to medical malpractice cases all across the United States. If you live in New Mexico, you have likely been affected by medical malpractice and could very well have a medical malpractice …

Legal Ramifications New Mexico Bus Crash

On Thursday August 30th, a semi-truck blew a tire going Eastbound on I-40 and ended up colliding with a Greyhound Bus that was traveling Westbound on I-40 toward Phoenix, Arizona from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The nature of the crash opens …
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