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Ben Davis Recognized By 2020 Best Lawyers Ranking

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Ben Davis Recognized By 2020 Best Lawyers Ranking

Ben Davis Personal Injury Attorney In Albuquerque New Mexico

Ben Davis Recognized By 2020 Best Lawyers Ranking

BestLawyers.com celebrates the success of top lawyers based on feedback derived from lawyers who have already been selected in past BestLawyers.com rankings. Ben Davis has gone above and beyond for his clients since before he began as a partner for the Davis Kelin Law Firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Ben Davis is dedicated to his craft. The tireless work he puts in as a personal injury attorney has made him a top choice for New Mexicans seeking an injury lawyer that cares about their case. BestLawyers.com believes that the best lawyers in the industry know who the Best Lawyers are that have not yet been recognized. This is Attorney Ben Davis’ first time being recognized as a Best Lawyer for BestLawyers.

The Davis Kelin Law Firm would like to congratulate Ben Davis on his achievement by being selected for the BestLawyers.com first year recognition for personal injury litigators. Ben has continued to show he is a leader in the field of litigating personal injury cases in New Mexico. Despite New Mexico being a small state, Ben has diligently represented hundreds of clients and has had no difficulty serving the Albuquerque Metropolitan area and beyond.

BestLawyers.com Board of Advisors is a group of distinguished professionals in the legal field from some of the world’s best law firms. BestLawyers.com finds and ranks the best lawyers across America.

If you have a case you would like BestLawyers.com 2020 Distinguished Lawyer Ben Davis to review, please call our office at (505) 242-7200.

If you know of a lawyer you would like to nominate from New Mexico visit BestLawyers.com nomination page to submit your nomination.

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