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Our Philosophy

Our law firm’s philosophy can be summed up in a few guiding principles:

When faced with an injury or insurance dispute, ordinary people and small businesses do not play on a level playing field; they face tremendous obstacles from giant insurance companies and larger corporations. We are committed helping ordinary people and small companies recover damages when they are harmed by the negligence and greed of others.

Victory is Earned, not Given.

There is no substitute for hard work. Large corporations and bad faith insurance companies will bury victims of their actions in discovery, experts, motions and other dilatory litigation tactics avoid paying victims for their negligent, reckless and sometimes intentional actions. When facing teams of attorneys and deep pockets, the only way to win is to roll up your sleeves and work hard. We are no stranger to burning the midnight oil and working hard for our clients.

Take the Fight to Them.

In prosecuting a civil case, creative, aggressive litigation leads to success in and out of the courtroom. Taking the fight to the large corporation and the insurance company allows the client (through the lawyer) to be empowered and no longer the victim. An aggressive strategy also leads to success at trial. Too many lawyers fail to aggressively prosecute their clients’ claims which results in the client being victimized again by the defendants and having limited success in the courtroom. Creative, aggressive litigation is what we do best.

Jury Verdicts Improve America.

Civil juries improve America everyday through their verdicts. A jury is the conscience of our community; a jury’s verdict is the voice of our conscience. Throughout America’s history, juries have used their voice to improve life for all of us at the job site, in the products we use, in how insurance companies treat their policyholders, in how companies honor their contract, and in numerous other ways by entering a large verdict against those who chose to put profits ahead of our community. Jury’s are America’s way of improving the community and avoiding chaos in the streets. We are proud to prosecute cases that improve America.

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again.

When trying cases against large corporations and insurance companies, there will be numerous roadblocks on the road to the finish line. What separates the great attorneys from the mediocre is how they deal with those roadblocks. Most will be stopped in their tracks. Others will turn around if they are not successful in removing the roadblock after their first try. The victor, however, will try, and try, and try again to succeed regardless of how daunting the roadblock that may lie in front of him. Most cases are difficult and the only way to succeed is to try, try and try again.

There are Too Many Lawsuits.

Not every personal injury should end in a lawsuit. The ugly fact of life is that a small segment of the population would rather litigate every dispute then resolve them like neighbors. These types of lawsuits hurt those who truly need to tell their story to a jury and further erode the credibility of all attorneys. We are selective of the types of cases we chose file as lawsuits. This helps maintain the credibility of the entire justice system and provides our clients with the best possible representation.

One Frivolous Lawsuit is Too Many.

Frivolous lawsuits are an unfortunate reality of modern society. Frivolous lawsuits damage more than just the innocent party who was sued; they have far reaching consequences on the entire justice system making it more difficult for deserving victims to be made whole. Fortunately, our court systems are equipped to quickly dispose of frivolous lawsuits.

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