VIDEO: Davis Kelin Law Firm Wins $12 Million Settlement For Albuquerque Victim Shot To Death At Apartment Complex

The Davis Kelin Law Firm won a $12 million settlement for the estate of Andrae Davis who was killed at 31 years old. Davis was hit by a stray bullet that pierced his door in a southeast Albuquerque housing complex.

The killer is not known, but the jury held Eagle’s Nest Condominium Association and Roger Cox and Associates Property Management accountable.

Property managers are required to keep properties safe for their residents. Andrae Davis died inside his home next to his fiancé and children.

Attorney Ben Davis of the Davis Kelin Law Firm who was an attorney for this case had this to say: “If the property managers are listening, if the apartment complexes are listening, it should send a message to everyone in Albuquerque…and all over the U.S.”

The family received justice in the case, but they will never have their husband and father back.

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