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Catastrophic Injuries

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Catastrophic injuries can often change your life for the worst. At the Davis Kelin Law Firm we understand how necessary it is for you to seek legal representation to go up against the party that was responsible for your injuries.

The first and most common types of catastrophic injury is to the brain. You may have developed cognitive injuries that have altered the way you process information, your memory, and your ability to speak. The more severe the brain injury, the more difficulty there will be with completing everyday tasks.

Brain Injuries Account for the Most Catastrophic Injuries

The majority of catastrophic injuries are due to motor vehicle accidents. Hundreds of thousands of catastrophic brain injuries happen in New Mexico every year. In the United States, there are over 2.5 million catastrophic brain injuries every year. After such an injury, very few people go on to have trouble-free lives without their brain injury altering their day-to-day experiences.

We understand that your ability to focus on your education or job could be impacted. You may need on-going treatment to live your life like you did before your injury. You may have internal bleeding, which left untreated can be dangerous. Bruising and torn brain tissue are also be a result of the injury. Symptoms to watch out for include seizures, loss of coordination, inability to speak clearly and confusion.

If your child has suffered a brain injury, their development may also be impacted at such a young age.

Catastrophic injuries do not just happen to the brain. The spine is another less common area of damage to the injured party. Bone fractures, deformities, loss of limbs, severe burns to the skin and multiple failed surgeries can be sources of injury for the victim.

Take Action and Seek Justice

If your injury does not fully recover you are in a position where you need to strongly consider taking action as soon as possible. You must consider the at-fault party should be required to pay your hospital bills if you do recover and thus it will be nearly impossible to reach a settlement without an Albuquerque personal injury lawyer.

We urge you to reach out to our office with your catastrophic injury case so we can best assist you in moving forward as you seek to return to life after the injury. Davis Kelin Law can be reached at (505) 242-7200 and we will be happy to look at your case.

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