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Car Accident While Pregnant

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Car Accident While PregnantUnborn babies can truly suffer a broad range of injuries if the pregnant women was in a car accident. If a pregnant women is involved in a car accident, her injuries could impact the development of the unborn baby. The Davis Kelin Law Firm would be happy to represent you if your unborn baby suffered serious development issues or injuries during the pregnancy. Call us at (505) 242-7200 today! A car accident can have permanent negative effects on the life of your child. You will want to seek compensation for your injuries and the babies injuries.

Once involved in a car accident a baby may suffer miscarriage, premature birth or even death. A premature birth may take place after a car accident before the baby is fully developed and it is possible for a mothers injuries to cause the premature birth. A baby is born premature when a birth takes place before 37 weeks.

In the case of a premature birth, it is possible that the baby will have a birth defect as a result of being born premature. Types of birth defects that are likely include underdeveloped lungs, jaundice, anemia, heart defects hearing problems or an underdeveloped gastrointestinal tract.

Internal injuries that are likely to take place as a result of the baby being in an accident include internal bleeding, perforated organs or hemorrhaging.

Infection to the baby is also a possibility following an accident because of foreign bodies getting into the wound. The infection can spread and shut down organs of the baby and spread into the bloodstream. Septic shock is when an infection spreads to the bloodstream. It is very common for an unborn child to have septic shock after an undiagnosed infection.

A miscarriage can happen if the unborn child hits an object during a car accident such as the steering wheel, dashboard or other object. Unborn children are protected in the womb with amniotic fluid but if cannot protect against impact of a crash. If the mother suffers severe trauma from the crash the baby may die in the womb as a result of the mothers trauma.

If you lost your baby as a result of a car accident and are suffering, you can sue to recover damages and for emotional suffering.

Another way in which a baby can be injured as a result of a car accident is placental abruption. In the placenta, it carries all the nutrients the baby needs to survive. If a tear happens in the placenta it can place the baby in danger of dying.

If you need a lawyer to represent you if your baby has been injured or died as a result of a car accident, we can help. The Davis Kelin Law Firm is Albuquerque’s Premier Personal Injury Law Firm. We will get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

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