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New Mexico Motorcycle Laws

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Motorcycle laws in New Mexico are put in place both for the safety of the rider and for the safety of other vehicles on the road. It’s not a simple process to receive an endorsement to ride a motorcycle in New Mexico. You must be able to take a motorcycle safety course which involves doing drills in front of an instructor. You must pass a written motorcycle license test, pass a vision test, provide two proofs of residency, have a social security card, proof of identification, and pay $18 for a 4 year, or $34 for an 8 year motorcycle license.

The motorcycle safety course will challenge your ability to ride a motorcycle safely on the road and is meant to teach you how to safety operate a motorcycle at all times. Unless you have a very small motorcycle, the W endorsement in New Mexico will allow you to legally ride a motorcycle of more than 100cc in size. The endorsement will be present on the back of your license after providing all the necessary documentation and completing all safety course and test requirements.

In New Mexico, all motorcyclists driving on the road must have at least a $25,000 coverage limit of liability insurance to cover one person as the result of injury in an accident. For two or more passengers that limit bumps up to $50,000. $10,000 in property damage coverage is required per accident.

Helmets are recommended for motorcyclists over 18 in New Mexico, but not required. For anyone under 18, it is required by law to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. In addition, turn signals must be in working condition and must be used when changing lanes.

It is a good idea to avoid riding in rain and instead ride when it is clear, sunny and not windy. It is also recommended to wear gloves, a motorcycle protectant jacket and safety glasses to protect yourself in case of an accident. Motorcycle riding gear can absorb some of the impact if in a crash.

It is very common for SUV’s, trucks and cars to run red lights and hit motorcyclists. This is the leading cause of motorcyclist deaths in New Mexico. Over 80% of motorcycle crashes result in serious injury or death. In 2016, 42 of motorcyclists died in the state, out of 5,286 deaths overall in the United States. 37% of motorcycle riders who died were driving while intoxicated, 33% were speeding over the legal limit, and 27% were riding without a license. 802 lives could have been saved out of the 5,286 deaths in 2016 if the rider simply chose to wear a helmet.

If you were hit by another driver while riding a motorcycle you may have a claim for damages resulting from your injuries and the property damage to your motorcycle.

At Davis Kelin, we understand the need to get you back on your feet after a serious wreck. The only way to ensure maximum compensation is by working with a personal injury attorney. Our Albuquerque motorcycle accident lawyers accept cases anywhere in New Mexico. So if you’ve been hit in Farmington or even Roswell we will review your case to determine the damages.

Attorneys Ben Davis and Zackeree Kelin have handled catastrophic injury cases in New Mexico. You can count on us to be on your side when it comes to recovering a just settlement on your behalf. Don’t do it alone, as in the end if could cost you thousands of dollars and unnecessary hassle, without hiring a personal injury attorney to do the work for you. You are unlikely to receive a fair settlement without a lawyer and insurance companies will attempt to take advantage of you if given the chance. Contact us today at (505) 242-7200.

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