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Types Of Malpractice That Should Never Occur

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Most of these events are very rare, but regardless should never happen. The types of malpractice that should never occur are numerous. Some of these events are so rare such as wrong-site surgery that it will only happen once every 5 to 10 years. 71% of never events that occurred were fatal. We will go into detail on each of these below.

Surgical never events happen when a surgeon leaves an object such as a tool inside the patient after surgery, operating on the wrong body part, removing a wrong organ, etc. According to readily known statistics, over 4,000 surgical never events happen each year. No matter how it occurs, this is the most concerning mistake a doctor can make. These events can occur when the doctor has wrong information about the patient undergoing surgery. Types of objects that could be left inside a patient after surgery include gloves, gauze, tools, clamps and needles. Failure to inspect the surgical area could also lead to this type of malpractice.

Malpractice events that involve a device or product could include contaminated or improperly designed devices or medication with harmful side effects. Also injuries could take place as a result of a medical provider recommending to use a product that is not according to its intended use.

Healthcare facilities have a requirement to follow necessary protocol when treating patients who are unable to care for themselves, for example elderly patients. These type of never events can occur when a patient disappears and suffers a serious injury or even death, the patient is discharged from care to an unauthorized individual, or the patients self-harms while under the care of the healthcare facility.

Events that occur in the emergency room or other standard care negligence: medical errors such as wrong dosage, wrong drug given, wrong time of administration and wrong rate of administration. Patient falls while inside hospital or treatment area. Wrong administration of product. Infant death due to labor or delivery mismanagement. Death of a patient resulting from failure to check and stay current with laboratory or radiology test results.

If one of these events has occurred to you or a loved one and it resulted in serious injury you can pursue a lawsuit against the facility or doctor. The Davis Kelin Law Firm is sensitive to all malpractice cases and are experts understanding malpractice law. We are not afraid to take the case to trial if necessary to get the best results. The Davis Kelin Law Firm can be reached at 505-242-7200.

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