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Releasing Medical Records To Insurance Companies

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Releasing Medical Records To Insurance CompaniesGiving your medical records or medical bills to an insurance company through the claims adjuster is not recommended. Insurance companies are constantly looking to save money by using any information at their disposal such as your medical bills. After a car accident or personal injury, hold onto your medical bills and do not release them to your insurance company.

Insurance companies will look at your medical bills if they have the chance to find reasons not to pay you a fair amount after an accident.

Medical records can and often do formulate evidence in having a lawsuit against the driver that hit you. Your doctors records provide a simple, reliable and stress free way to prove you have been harmed.

Insurance companies deal with claims everyday and are smart enough to know if you send your medical records to the at-fault drivers insurance companies it will usually hurt you in the long run. You stand to gain nothing and take an extraordinary risk. This confidential information is yours and you have a right to protect your privacy and your information. Insurance companies have in house doctors that work for the company to look over medical records and find gaps to exploit and look at the legitimacy of the procedures that were done and also analyze the cost of the procedures. This is no benefit in giving an insurance company this advantage when you can keep your medical records to yourself. Insurance company adjusters will find ways to lower your settlement if they have this information at their exposure. Never send your medical records over to anyone without first consulting with an attorney. They will know that you are vulnerable and have no idea what you are doing if you send medical records over yourself and do it willingly. Insurance companies are in business to make money and cut costs. Sending your medical records to them will make their job easier. You are providing them with a tool (your records) to cut corners and make a smaller settlement to you in the end.

In order for medical records to be accepted in court they have to be processed in a very strict manner. Insurance companies view an injury claimant that has access to their medical records and hands them over as someone who does not the proper way in which to request medical records. Attorneys on the other hand will also only ask for medical records in a very particular way when records are actually needed. Insurance companies will not be afraid of you in court if you are this free with your medical records.

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