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Validity of UMUIM Stacking Rejection Form In English Provided To Spanish Speaking Insured

Davis Kelin Law Firm goes into the details of Mendoza v. Loya Insurance Company brought before Judge Chavez-Ortega in New Mexico and how the requirements are met when a Spanish speaking insured is given a UM/UIM stacking rejection form. Lilia …

Personal Injury Lawyer Santa Fe NM

Going through a personal injury is a serious matter anywhere, especially in New Mexico with such a high rate of underperforming doctors and the number of car accidents in the State. The Davis Kelin Law Firm is here to handle …

Attorney For Car Accidents

Attorney For Car Accidents The Davis Kelin Law Firm has the car accident attorney you are looking for. Over a decade of experience, Ben Davis is the leading car accident attorney in New Mexico. Ben has handled numerous car accident …

How Super Lawyers Are Selected

How Super Lawyers Are Selected Davis Kelin Law Firm is proud to have two outstanding Super Lawyers: Ben Davis and Zackeree Kelin. Lawyers who want to remain at the top of their field must consistently outperform their competition year after …

Excessive Force Lawyer

Excessive Force Lawyer On June 5th 2020, a New Jersey News outlet published a story detailing the Albuquerque Police Department’s decision to promote the head leader of APD’s real-time crime center. Controversy arose because the APD employee was involved in …
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