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New Lawsuit Against El Paso Diocese Alleges Abuse By Rev. Lawrence Gaynor

The latest victim of priest abuse in New Mexico has come forward. The lawsuit was filed on March 19 in state district court in Las Cruces. Defendants in the complaint are St. Joseph Parish in Lordsburg, New Mexico and the …

Who’s At Fault for an Accident Caused by Improper Turn Signal Use

The general rule is that drivers must use turn signals to indicate their intention to turn or change lanes. Therefore, the failure to do so can lead to liability if improper turn signal use contributes to or causes an accident. …

What is a Confidential Settlement Agreement?

Resolving personal injury claims often involves the negotiation and execution of settlement agreements between parties involved. However, some agreements include a confidentiality provision, which prohibits the parties from disclosing the terms and details of the settlement to anyone outside of …

Identifying and Preventing Highway Hypnosis

Highway hypnosis, also known as “white line fever” or “driving without awareness,” is a state of drowsy, semi-consciousness that can occur when driving long distances on monotonous roads. This phenomenon poses a significant risk to road safety, as drivers may …

Handling a Car Accident Where Fault is Unclear

When another driver hits you in New Mexico, you must prove they caused the accident to recover compensation from their insurer. However, if fault is unclear it can make it much more challenging to do so. Here are some tips …
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